Why Are Annual Updates Necessary


When WNYSORC coordinates a pair or approves a cross-coordination request from an adjacent area council, our approval is based upon the information in our database. Thus, it is extremely important that this information be kept current and accurate. Continuous updating of our information database results in WNYSORC being able to make additional pairs available for coordination. 

The Update form is designed to be easy to complete and requires no more technical knowledge than is necessary to install and operate a repeater in compliance with applicable WNYSORC, FCC and Industry Canada rules. We are always open to suggestions for making the form more user-friendly and easier to complete. 

Occasionally, the submitted form contains discrepancies with the information in the database. These are “red flags” that trigger further investigation by the WNYSORC Frequency Study Committee. Rarely, these investigations have resulted in a frequency pair being made available for re-coordination. 

We understand that parameters may be unintentionally reported incorrectly due to inaccuracies in GPS readings, math errors, or other human error. These “honest mistakes” are easy to spot, and we afford every opportunity for a trustee to work with us to correct such errors. In these cases, the coordination is never in jeopardy. 

But, upon occasion, trustees deliberately falsify the information on the repeater update form. These misrepresentations are a waste of time for all concerned. The Frequency Study Committee investigates all discrepancies and will uncover any attempt to deceive it. 

Such deliberate misrepresentation may result in the coordination being forfeited by the trustee. This would include (using an actual example) reporting a repeater at three different sets of coordinates and elevations within a four-week period. It is assumed that a trustee really SHOULD know where the repeater is located! 

If it is determined that there has been a deliberate falsification of the repeater update information, you can be sure that WNYSORC will be suspicious of all future the repeater update information from that individual, and will independently verify all future submissions. 

What can happen if you do not file repeater update form annually as you agreed to do when you accepted coordination? According to WNYSORC Guidelines for Analog FM Repeater Coordination, if an update is not submitted annually the WNYSORC Frequency Coordinator MAY WITHDRAW THE COORDINATION AUTHORIZATION. 

WNYSORC has not always strictly enforced this policy in the past, but that has now ended. Please note that the above statement says nothing about the Coordinator having to go through a lengthy de-coordination process. It simply states that he can withdraw the coordination. However, this will not be done without Executive approval. An email will be sent to the trustee allowing a thirty [30] day grace period, followed by official notification by Certified Postal Mail that the coordination is in jeopardy. Purging coordination is not something we take lightly. It is a last resort. We prefer to afford trustees an opportunity to work with us and comply with the requirements agreed to by the entire amateur radio community in Western New York and Southern Ontario. 

The repeater update form also provides an opportunity for the trustee to update his contact information. This is very important, as mailing addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses can change. This is expected. The most common problem we encounter is an invalid email addresses. 

We do not discuss coordination matters via telephone. E-mail and postal mail are our preferred methods of communication because of the documentation trail created. If you change any of your contact information, especially your email address, do not wait until the next required Update. Instead, please notify the WNYSORC Frequency Coordinator immediately by submitting an additional updated repeater coordination form. 

Having your postal mailing address current with WNYSORC is important because WNYSORC has always reserved the use of Certified Mail for matters that are considered to be extremely important. Should WNYSORC determine that there is an issue of high importance regarding your coordination, we use Certified Mail to notify you. If no response is received within thirty days from the date of this letter, or if the letter is returned as Refused or Undelivered, the coordination of the frequency pair will be rescinded. As a courtesy, we make every effort to verify contact information, using the official FCC and IC amateur call sign database when sending Certified Postal Mail notification, but we have no obligation to do so. We are only obliged to utilize the contact information in our database as submitted by the trustee. It is always the responsibility of trustees to maintain current contact information with us.


WNYSORC must be able to contact any trustee, at any time. Should Industry Canada or the FCC ever receive a complaint regarding your repeater, they invariably contact the Coordinator for the coordination status and particulars of the repeaters involved. Remember to update your repeater information annually. This is due by December 31 each year or the coordination may be subject to cancellation and reassignment.